will india do surgical strike on pakistan again: Will India do surgical strike on Pakistan again, Kashmir terror attack, terror attack in Poonch area of ​​J&K is highly condemnable, our bravehearts Naib Subedar Jaswinder Singh, Sepoy Gajjan Singh, NK Mandeep Singh, Sepoy Saraj Singh & Sepoy Vaisakh H sacrified their lives, Anger Wave in India after Poonch: Is it time for another surgical strike? Country angry over the martyrdom of 5 soldiers

New Delhi
After the martyrdom of 5 soldiers in Poonch, Kashmir, the blood of every citizen of the country has boiled. The country has started talking about revenge in unison. All limits of patience and restraint have been broken. For how long will we continue to suffer Pakistan sponsored terrorism? How long will innocent lives go on? How much more blood will flow in Kashmir? For how long will mothers continue to sacrifice their lives? The whole country is asking this question today. Time has come to teach Pakistan a lesson. Will India carry out another surgical strike on Pakistan, the master of terrorists?

Five Army personnel, including a ‘Junior Commissioned Officer’ (JCO), were martyred in an encounter between security forces and terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district on Monday. These knights include Naib Subedar Jaswinder Singh, Mandeep Singh, Gajan Singh, Saraj Singh and Vaisakh H. Vaisakh was a resident of Kerala. At the same time, the remaining four knights were born in the soil of Punjab.

Kashmir Terror Attack: How Pakistan is playing double game in Kashmir, attacking the army through target killing and infiltration

Peace has been disturbed in Kashmir for the last one month. Innocent blood is being shed continuously. Sikhs, Kashmiri Pandits and non-Muslims have been selectively killed in the Union Territory. They are being targeted by asking names. Three people, including chemist Makhanlal Bindru, who served the majority Muslim community living in Kashmir, are murdered. Two days later, terrorists enter a government school in Srinagar. Principal Satinder Kaur and teacher Deepakchand are brutally murdered after they are identified. Even Virendra Paswan, who feeds by selling golgappas on the roadside in Srinagar, is not spared.

next to terrorists
Pakistan, the protector of the terrorists who carried out this audacity, is sitting next to it. It has remained a nuisance since independence. Every time Pakistan shows that it is not going to believe. After the Taliban flag was planted in Afghanistan, it has grown even more. He is beginning to feel that he can adopt the same model in India as well. His intention is clear. How to separate Kashmir from India. He has been plotting for this for years. It is a different matter that he has always had to eat his mouth.

‘Modi ji, did you forget your promises or were they also a jumla…’ Kapil Sibal raised questions on Jammu and Kashmir incident
There is a well thought out strategy behind target killing. The plan is to somehow prevent the minority community (Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs and other non-Muslims) from settling here. They should be so scared that they do not even dream of going to Kashmir. With this thinking, cruelty is being done to innocent and innocent people.

Pakistan is trying to spoil the atmosphere
An opinion seems to be forming in the country to teach a lesson to Pakistan. The statement of Sukhbir Singh Badal of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) says a lot about this. He said after the incident in Poonch on Monday, ‘It is very sad. Now the atmosphere is getting worse. I think strict action should be taken.

Defense affairs expert Maroof Raza said in a conversation with our partner channel Times Now that Pakistan will remain a terror factory. His agenda is to keep the Kashmir issue hot. After the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, the focus of Pakistan is now on Kashmir. He would not at all want that there should be peace in the valley.

5 hours meeting on Kashmir, Amit Shah’s strong stand, Modi government sent envoys to the valley to crush Pak supported terrorists
Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi has also condemned Monday’s terror attack. He said, “The terrorist attack in Poonch area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir is highly condemnable in which our brave Naib Subedar Jaswinder Singh, Sepoy Gajan Singh, NK Mandeep Singh, Sepoy Saraj Singh and Sepoy Vaishakh H sacrificed their lives. In this hour of grief, I express my condolences to the bereaved families.

Salute to the immortal martyrdom of the brave soldiers of the country who were martyred in the encounter with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. There is a need for a concrete initiative against terrorism in the Kashmir Valley.

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi

Congress targeted
After the Poonch incident, the Congress has targeted the government in Jammu and Kashmir over its ‘failure’ on the national security front. The opposition party said the Union Territory was burning and the terrorists were killing innocent people due to the “weakness” of the government. The incident not only shows the failure of the Modi government on the national security front, but also exposes the mask of its ‘nationalism’.

India stunned by air strike in 2016
The Center has sent several teams of top counter-terror experts to Kashmir. They are helping the police in neutralizing the local module backed by Pakistan involved in the terror attacks. Home Minister Amit Shah recently held a marathon meeting on the issue of Kashmir. India needs to make a strong plan to teach a lesson to Pakistan. He has already done so in 2016.

About five years ago he did a surgical strike on Pakistan. After 19 soldiers were martyred in the terrorist attack in Uri, India crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) on 28-29 September and destroyed many terrorist camps by entering Pakistan. About 70 terrorists had lost their lives in this. This time India needs more stringent action. The way Pakistan has become a headache for the whole world, this is the only way to show it its rightful place. Is it time for another surgical strike?