World Anaesthesia Day 2021 Anesthesiologists have played an important responsibility in saving the lives of patients did not care for themselves

Moradabad, Jagran Correspondent. World Anaesthesia Day 2021: Anesthetist means the doctor who makes the patient unconscious before the operation. That’s what everybody knows. However, in the second wave of the corona epidemic, critical care could not work without anesthetics. Yes, the Anesthesiologist is responsible for the complete care of the critical patient in the ICU. City chest, gas in the blood, oxygen, carbon dioxide, high flow nasal cannula etc. They have the full responsibility of BIPAPS, ventilators. But, the attendant does not recognize them. He remembers only the name of the doctor who gave the treatment.

In the second wave of Corona, the situation was such that it was time to stay in the hospital for 24 hours for seven days and take care of the ICU patients. While on duty, he used to spend the whole time in the same PPE kit. Without grain and water, the whole day was spent like this in the PPE kit. The condition of many anesthetists had even worsened.

Distance from family even when going home: Anesthetists were scheduled for one week each. When he reached home after duty in the hospital for seven consecutive days, the family was worried. When many doctors and their family came positive, there was panic in the family as well. But, after completing the Kovid protocol, he used to go on duty again.

It was very difficult to work in the second wave of the corona epidemic. The number of serious patients in the ICU was high. There was a great difficulty for the anesthesiologist. Together they served the patients.

Dr. Pallavi Ahluwalia, Anesthetist

The number of patients was huge. There was no room in the hospitals. ICU was full. The condition of the patients was bad. Been engaged for the patients continuously for seven days. Anesthesiologists played an important role in critical care.

Dr. Gesu Mehrotra, Anesthetist

The job of the anesthesiologist is no longer just to sedate. Rather, the anesthesiology has an important role in critical care. The first and second wave of Corona has been fully realized. The area of ​​anesthesia is large.

Dr. Kishan Varshney, Anesthetist

Along with the city, patients from other districts were also coming to Kovid L-Two Hospital. It was always the case that all the patients should get healthy. Those times were very difficult for us as well. The heart was happy when the patient was healthy.

Dr. Radhe Shyam Gangwar, Anesthetist