World Arthritis Day These 5 asanas are very beneficial in getting rid of the problem of arthritis

Joint pain and arthritis are two different problems. So don’t make the mistake of mistaking them as one. Joint pain is common arthritis, in which there is inflammation in the joints, due to which there is a lot of pain in the joints. It is very difficult to bend, rotate the joints. On the other hand, arthritis is different from this, which is also known as gout. In arthritis, there is a problem in the small joints of the body. Pain and swelling in hand, toe persist. There is no fever in normal joint pain, but there may be fever along with pain, swelling in arthritis. So here we will tell you about some such asanas which will give relief in the problem of common arthritis.

Setubandhasana (Bridge Pose)

way of doing

Lie down on your back.

Bend the knees and rest them near the hips.

Grab the back of the foot well with the hand.

You can also place your hands beside the hips.

Now slowly try to lift the hips from the mat while taking long deep breaths.

No need to lift too much, lift only according to your capacity.

Go up and hold the breath for a while.

Exhale and come down.

Practice this 3-5 times.

While doing this, there will be a stretch on the thighs, which works to strengthen the muscles there.

Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior Pose 1)

way of doing

Make a distance of 2-3 feet between the feet.

Try to sit lightly with one leg bent.

In this position the other leg will remain straight.

Bring both the hands in the salutation posture and slowly raise them up.

Even while doing this, there will be a strain in the legs.

Practice this also 3-5 times.

Extended Side Angle Pose

way of doing

Remain in the position of Virabhadrasana.

Then rest one hand on your thighs. Extend the other hand upwards.

Try to see the upper hand.

Remain in this position as long as you can comfortably, after that stand up with your feet together.

Do it 3-5 times.

Vasisthasana (Side Plank)

way of doing

Lie on your side

Come on the elbows of the hand which is facing down.

Now try to lift the hips and waist above the mat.

Keep the feet one on top of the other.

Stay in this position to the best of your ability.

Repeat this for 3-5 times as well.

Tree Pose

way of doing

stand up straight.

Holding the toes of the right foot, rest it on the thighs of the left foot.

Now keeping both the hands in the salutation posture, you can also keep them near the chest or even upwards.

Keep breathing and exhaling.

Try to do this at least 5 times.

Pic credit– ps_yogasana/Instagram