world boss day why celebrate history | World Boss Day: Know which boss is the best, why this day is celebrated

New Delhi: World Boss Day is celebrated across the world on 16 October. On this occasion, we will tell you why World Boss Day is considered and which boss is the best.

purpose of celebration
The purpose of celebrating this day is that the employees should respect their boss and the boss should treat his employees well in the work place. It is believed that such an event will strengthen the Boss Employee Relation and the employees will work for the betterment of the company.

world boss day date
Boss Day started from America. A girl named Patricia Bays Haroski used to work as a secretary in State Farm Insurance, a company in Illinois, USA. The relationship between the company’s boss and Patricia Bay Harosky was like a father-daughter relationship. Patricia Bay Haroski wanted her teammates to respect the boss. That’s why he registered National Boss Day in the US Chamber of Commerce in 1958. Patricia set October 16 as the date for this day. On this day his boss’s youth was born. The Governor of Illinois approved the registration of Patricia in 1962 and announced to celebrate this day.

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what a good boss
Recently a study was done in which it was tried to know what kind of boss is the best. The study was done in India and the UK. The researcher found that those whose bosses mix with their employees in one moment and then start getting angry the next moment, they do not come in the group of good bosses. The study also revealed that if the boss is happy and then keeps on scolding then it is difficult to know what he thinks about you. This makes it difficult for the employee to trust him.