World Energy Crisis Update: India Warns On Coal Shortage Lebanon Runs Out Of Power China Hit Blackouts

Beijing/New Delhi
From India to China, a serious energy crisis has arisen all over the world. The condition is that many coal-fired power plants in India have been shut down, while in China, which is called the factory of the world, companies are getting electricity for only a few hours in many areas. The West Asian country of Lebanon has also sunk into darkness. Whereas in Europe, consumers have to pay very high prices for gas. The whole world is battling this global energy crisis and now many countries are in danger of drowning in darkness.

According to the government data of India, only a few days of coal is left in the country’s thermal power plants. Many power plants in UP have been closed due to shortage of coal. On the other hand, in the US, the price reached $3.25 for a gallon of gasoline on Friday, compared to 1.27 per gallon in April. In fact, after the Corona period, when the world’s economy is once again on the rise, a sudden energy crisis has brought a crisis on the supply chain. Not only this, geopolitical tension is also increasing due to this crisis.
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Several factors are responsible for the energy crisis
That too when world leaders are going to have a Cop26 meeting to fix climate change. Now this latest crisis has raised questions about the reality of the global green energy revolution. Experts say that many factors are responsible behind this energy crisis. This is mainly responsible for the sudden economic boom in the world after Corona, that too when in the last 18 months, very little work has been done by various countries in the direction of removing fossil fuels.

Generally, due to severe cold, energy reserves in Europe are almost exhausted. Not only this, many cyclonic storms closed the oil refineries of the Gulf countries. The strained relations between China and Australia and the low wind in the sea have also deepened the energy crisis around the world. Speaking to the Washington Post, energy affairs expert Daniel Yergin said that the crisis has now spread from one energy market to another. Governments are afraid of strong public reaction due to the energy crisis.

Entire Lebanon plunged into darkness, power stations shut
Just ahead of the Cop26 Summit on Climate Change, advocates of renewable energy believe that this crisis shows that we need to move on from fossil fuels. At the same time, its critics say that the demand is not being met by the electricity generated by the wind and the sun. Analysts now fear that energy shortages and high prices could sabotage efforts to recover the financial situation. Meanwhile, many European countries have alleged that Russia is looking for opportunities in this disaster and has increased gas prices.

In the midst of the ongoing crisis in China, India, Europe, the power crisis in Lebanon has also become serious. Lebanon has announced power cuts for several days due to the lack of fuel. Two of the largest power stations in Lebanon have stopped working. Due to this the whole of Lebanon was plunged into darkness. Political instability and conflict have exacerbated the power crisis in Lebanon. As Sky News reports, energy output at the Al Zahraani and Deir Ammar power stations fell below 200 megawatts.
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Only 2-4 days stock of coal left in India
Many factories in Lebanon have been closed due to lack of fuel. Due to this there has also been a shortage of food items. People are forced to buy goods through black marketing. Several kilometer long queues of vehicles are also being seen at petrol pumps. In India too, more than half of the 135 coal-fired power plants are where coal stocks are about to run out. Many of these power plants have only 2-4 days of stock left. If this happens, there will be darkness in many parts of the country and this will also include the capital Delhi. Power cuts have also started in parts of Rajasthan and Punjab. Coal based plants come under the category of thermal power plants. In India, 71 per cent of the electricity used is supplied through thermal power plants.