World Food Day 2021 Special Indore city of Madhya Pradesh is becoming a stronghold of food tourism

30% contribution to the total economy of Indore, only food

World Food Day 2021 Special: Ishwar Sharma, Indore. People who are fond of excursions are fond of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and sea, but Indore, located in the plains of Madhya Pradesh, did not have any such thing that it could attract people from all over the country and the world. So Indore made ‘Food Tourism’ and ‘Cleanliness’ its attraction. In the last three decades, this city has done so much work on food that it has become the ‘Food Hub of the country’. People coming to Jyotirling Mahakal and Omkareshwar or the historical city of Maheshwar and Mandu from all over the country definitely reach Indore to enjoy the food. Ankit Chavda, a connoisseur of Indori flavors and a market trend analyst, says – “30 percent of the economy of Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, comes from food.

Turning food into tourism in this way

Namkeen makers of Indore have invented more than 100 varieties of Namkeen. In these, the taste is decided according to the person who likes every age, every kind of taste. From here Poha, Kachori, Samosa, Corn Kees, Garadu, Moong Halwa, 10 Flavored Water Patasi (Phalki), Milk Shikanji, Coconut Lassi, Joshi’s Dahibda, Saffron Milk, Falooda Kesar Kulfi to every season The food items from Here the menu is fixed according to the twenty-four hours, that is, hot breakfast or food is available even at two o’clock in the night. People, along with the guests, come and eat and drink here at the bullion chowpatti decorated at night. Here ‘night life’ also means food.

Cleanliness also increased tourism, money has to be paid to see cleanliness

Only Indore has got this pride in the whole of India that cleanliness has increased tourism here. You will be surprised to hear that devotees who come to visit Mahakal now come here to see the cleanliness of Indore. The Indore Municipal Corporation charges the officers who come here to see the ‘cleanliness model’ or the team of urban bodies from other cities to show the cleanliness properly and those teams also happily give it.

Indore made itself a ‘complete tourism package’

Indore was like the other cities of the country, but it has transformed itself into a ‘complete tourism package’ in the last few decades with great strategy and hard work. Within 100 km radius of Indore, Jyotirling Mahakal and Omkareshwar, Shaktipeeth Harsiddhi, the deity Kalbhairav ​​who takes the offerings of liquor, Mandu, the historical tourist place Mandu, Maheshwar, the favorite shooting place of Bollywood and Gidiya Khoh, Patalpani, creating a world of mystery and adventure, are located. The administration, public and tourism industry of Indore have connected all these tourist-sightseeing places with each other in such a way that no tourist of the country and the world can stay here for three to five days without being thrilled for even a moment. . It has the busiest airport in Central India and is also connected to the whole of India by trains.

The weather here’s ‘Osam’

Indore i.e. Malwa region is neither too cold nor too hot. And the fun of rain is something else. The weather of Malwa region is such that it remains pleasant for twelve months and is a kind of bonus for the tourists. The hotels here are affordable as well as luxury. The catering facility starts from Rs.10 till you are satisfied by spending Rs.5000 at a time. You can roam in the budget you want to visit here. This city is also very cheap and if you come down on spending, then there is all the luxury here.

How to reach Indore

Road: Situated on the Agra-Mumbai National Highway, the city is well connected to the entire country via roads. There are direct bus services from the cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh. It is a better experience to reach by private vehicle.

railroad track : Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Patna, Jammu, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Guwahati are directly connected by rail to all the major cities of the country.

air shaft : There are connecting flights from all the major cities of the country.

they say

If you want to know what is the fun of some special food, especially street food, then go to Indore. The streets here are filled with the aroma of food. Indore is the most spectacular city in the country in terms of tourism, weather, hospitality, cleanliness, taste, tradition and modernity.

– Kumar Varun, Travel Vlogger, YouTube

Indore’s water is outside India even in America and Britain. Even in America, the food of Indore remains in discussion. I have been in the US software industry for more than two decades, but Indore is still a heartthrob.

– Rajeev Nema ‘Indouri, famous blogger, YouTuber and author

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