World Food Day 2021 Today Taste lovers demand organic food

Publish Date: | Fri, 15 Oct 2021 07:30 AM (IST)

Indore, Naidunia Representative, World Food Day 2021 Today. In the food-loving city, along with the taste, health is also being given a lot of attention. This can be estimated from the fact that the number of organic farmers and those buying organic products in the city has increased manifold in the last few years. Not only this, their number has increased by 10 to 15 percent even during the Corona period.

Organic produce is being liked so much in the city that apart from the villages around Indore, farmers of Ujjain, Khargone, Khandwa, Barwani, Dewas and even Ratlam-Mandsaur have started coming to Indore to sell organic agricultural products. Among organic products, the city has the highest demand for vegetables, followed by wheat and gram, being bought and sold and sown.

Growing market for organic foods

The organic food market is growing in the city. Presently farmers are selling organic products at their level. Along with this, the buying and selling of organic products through stores is also increasing. There are currently more than 20 such stores in the city where only organic products are being sold. Even after the increase in the price of organic product from normal to one and a half to two times, people are buying it.

getting success

According to Dr. DK Mishra, horticulturist of Kasturba Gram Krishi Vigyan Kendra, interest in organic farming has increased and small farmers are becoming more successful in this. In the last 2-3 years, the number of people doing organic farming has increased by 5 to 6 percent, while the demand for organic products has increased by about one and a half to two times in two years. The farmers of Indore, Dhar, Jhabua are majorly cultivating vegetables, wheat, gram, pulses, turmeric and ginger in organic farming.

Number of farmers reached from 5 to 70

Uday Bole, a member of the organic bridge, says that when the organic bridge was started in the city in 2014, only 5 farmers were involved, which has now crossed the 70 mark. Similarly, at that time only around 30 consumers were associated with us and now this number has increased to more than 500. In the Corona era, the seriousness towards health increased even more. In these one and a half to two years, the number of producers and consumers has increased by 10 to 15 percent.

one and a half times increase

Anand Singh Thakur is doing organic farming since 2003. They say that in the last one and a half to two years the demand for organic products has increased by one and a half times. There was a time when demand was low and productivity was high. At present the demand and supply are the same. Both of these are likely to grow in the coming times.

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