World mental health day 2021: 53% of Indian professionals feel stressed during work these are three reasons

World mental health day 2021: A large proportion of the working professionals in India are feeling work stress. Work-life imbalance, inadequate income and slow career progress have been cited as the top three causes of work stress in the country in a survey. Let us tell you that October 10 is World Mental Health Day.Also Read – World mental health day 2021: What is mental health? and how to fix it

LinkedIn, which provides an ‘online’ platform for professionals to connect with each other, has released a special ‘Mental Health’ edition of the Workforce Confidence Index to address work stress in India. How professionals expect more flexibility at work to maintain their mental health is also mentioned. Also Read – Cellphone Addiction: Troubled by mobile addiction? Follow this remedy to get rid

The survey is based on responses from 3,881 professionals from July 31 to September 24. Findings from this show that more than half (55 percent) of working professionals in India are feeling stressed at work. Also Read – Anxiety Disorder: What are its Causes, Symptoms and Remedies. Learn in Video

The latest edition of the ‘Workforce Confidence Index’ showed that despite drastic changes in the world of work, India’s overall workforce confidence remained stable with an overall score of 55 from July 31 to September 24, 2021.

When asked to share their primary causes of work stress, working professionals reported balancing work with personal needs (34 percent), not earning enough money (32 percent) and slowing career advancement (25 percent). ) mentioned.

Ashutosh Gupta, Regional Manager, India, LinkedIn, said, “These stressful times of change have necessitated greater flexibility and work-life balance among professionals. But our survey shows that there is a huge gap between what employees need and what employers are offering to combat stress.

Let us tell you that India is one of the 21 countries where very few young people feel that people facing mental health problems should seek the help of others. According to a survey conducted by UNICEF and Gallup in early 2021, children in India are hesitant to seek help for mental problems. The study was conducted among 20,000 children and adults in 21 countries. According to the report, only 41 percent of youth between 15 and 24 years in India said that seeking help for mental health problems is a good thing, while the average for 21 countries is 83 percent.