World Mental Health Day 2021 After Covid 20 percent of patients increased of depression insomnia and anxiety

World Mental Health Day 2021: Indore (Naiduniya Representative). Every fifth patient who has defeated Kovid is troubled by depression, insomnia and anxiety. There has been a significant increase in the number of psychopaths in the city after the pandemic. According to doctors, such patients are reaching in large numbers at OPDs and clinics of government hospitals. Earlier the number of elderly was more among psychopaths, but now young people are also suffering from this disease. Often youth are unable to share their problems with others, due to this they become victims of depression. Conflicts are more in the couples living in nuclear family. Due to this, they are more likely to suffer from depression.

Symptoms seen in patients

– nervousness, restlessness and sadness

– decreased desire to work

– fatigue quickly

– rapid heartbeat and breathing

– dry mouth

– heaviness in the head

– lack of sleep

– Negative and self-harming thoughts

to the rescue

– Consult your doctor and tell your problem.

Do exercise, pranayama and yoga daily.

– Keep the routine regular.

-Get enough sleep.

– Don’t consume intoxicants.

Psychopaths roaming on the road will be treated

According to Dr. VS Pal, HOD, Department of Psychiatry, MGM Medical College, many serious mental patients roam the streets of the city and they are not even recognized and treated. In such a situation, under the Pen India Awareness and Outreach Program, a special camp will be organized by the Legal Services Authority, Indore and Mental Hospital on October 10 in the hospital premises for health check-up and treatment of mentally challenged persons. In this camp, different teams under the zonal offices of the corporation have been given the responsibility to bring such psychopaths roaming in the road to this camp for treatment and health check-up.

Increased stress due to loss of work, financial loss

According to Dr. Ujjwal Sardesai, Associate Professor of MGM Medical College, the number of patients with depression has increased after Kovid. Somebody has missed work. So there was tension at someone’s house. Due to the death of relatives in Kovid, many people remained in depression due to stress. Some people fear of getting covid disease or even this panic disease has not been cured. This is the reason why irritability among people has also increased after Kovid.

Mental Hospital: made in 1917

Total beds available: 155

Admit Patients: 109

OPD: Every day 200 patients come for treatment. Apart from other districts of the state, patients come from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Facilities at Day Care Center: In the day care center built in the mental hospital premises, mentally and mentally retarded patients are taught to make rubber seals, make dolls, weave embroidery and make leather toys. Apart from this, they are also taught to make Rakhi and Diyas. This allows them to spend their time and learn something new, increasing the confidence of the patients. Treatment is done through electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in a mental hospital. Apart from this, psychotherapy and counseling are also given.

Facility will be provided by the psychiatry department of the medical college

For Elders: Mental health clinic will be started

To get rid of addiction: Presently D Addiction Center is running. There are 19 patients admitted here.

for children : Child Psychiatry Clinic will be started. In this, counseling will be done regarding the behavior of children, parenting, lack of interest in studies and intoxication.

For sex patients: Due to Kovid, the venereal disease clinic will be started in MYH closed for two years.

75 experts will be prepared annually

Development work is to be done in mental hospital with a plan of Rs 33 crore. Under this, the system of super specialty in psychiatry will be started. Here Clinical Psychology and PhD course, MSc Psychiatric course for Psychiatric, Social worker will be started. In this way, 75 students will be prepared here every year. For this, a building will be constructed in the mental hospital campus and 25 teachers will also be appointed to teach the students.

Posted By: Prashant Pandey

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