World Mental Health Day: Expert said, mental diseases are increasing on the pattern of corona, treatment of patients is possible even at home

New Delhi. The situation arising after the Corona Pandemic has had a serious impact on mental health. Not only in India, people all over the world are suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, anxiety and fear. People have also come under the grip of loneliness, sorrow and troubles due to the disintegration of relationships due to Corona or the distance created in difficult situations. Mental health experts say that due to the fear of corona, a large number of mental illness patients are in homes and they have kept distance from hospitals.

Faculty, Psychiatry at Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Delhi Dr. Om Prakash Told that the lockdown and other restrictions were being imposed after the corona started, so experts were predicting that when the corona would end, there would be a flood of patients suffering from mental illness or problems in hospitals. However, this did not happen on such a large scale. The patients have increased but today the patients who are reaching the psychiatric departments of the hospitals are those who are very serious or have been surrounded by some other complications.

Dr. Om says that the special thing that has happened after corona is that the pattern of corona has been seen even in mental troubles. The way corona patients were divided into three categories, mild, moderate and severe. In the same way, the same categories are being seen in mental problems today.

Corona has had an effect on the mental health of people not only in the country but around the world.  concept image.

Not only the country but also the effect of Corona on the mental health of people around the world (Covid 19 effect on Mental Health). Concept Image. Today, a large number of people with common mental problems like sleep disturbance, stress, annoyance, lack of interest in work, feeling lonely and finding solitude, not talking to anyone, feeling frustrated about everything, instability, future Being full of fear, etc. are battling with diseases. These can be called mild cases of mental illnesses. Which can be cured even by staying at home and it has also been done.

Moderate and severe patients of mental illnesses

The cases after this are moderate in which these problems are increasing continuously and the patient starts panicking. These patients are troubled themselves by staying at home and the family members also have to face problems. Or in some cases it is also the case that patients have been brought to the hospital. However, these do not include cases like committing suicide. Such problems have come in people who have suffered Kovid.

The third and most serious are such patients who were already suffering from mental illnesses and whose problems increased even more in this Kovid period. Even during Corona, the relatives had to either bring such patients to the hospital or those patients who have harmed themselves or others fall in this category. Dr. says that the number of such patients did not increase very much, but due to lack of treatment during Kovid, their condition has become critical.

Like Kovid, the period of recovery of mental diseases also

Dr. Om says that like Kovid, there is also a period of recovery for mental diseases. Just like in corona, apart from the symptoms of mild or moderate cases, the recovery time is also fixed, similarly in mental diseases, it is seen that people who are suffering from mild or general mental problems can go home on their own within 6 to 8 months. But staying on is fine. Whereas such patients who are moderate are in need of hospital treatment. These patients also get relief with some medicine and counseling.

There is also a large number of such patients who are recovering at home after taking treatment from the hospital. Most of the problems are being faced by the patients who have reached the critical condition. There are problems in their treatment too. This is because only those people were able to reach the hospital in the difficult circumstances of Kovid, who either became violent or were in such a situation that they had a mental illness more terrible than Kovid. At the same time, it is not possible to bring back those who have taken steps like suicide.

do this mild, Difference between moderate and severe patients

. Common mental problems that have arisen after covid such as depression, tension, irritability, anger, annoyance, silence, nervousness, fear, being sad, forgetfulness, being alone, not talking to anyone, falling asleep, etc. come in mild cases. Huh. As things become normal, people’s busyness will increase, they will be fine.

After Corona, mental problems have increased not only in elders but also in children.

After Corona, mental problems have increased not only in elders but also in children.

. Symptoms such as insomnia, depression, phobias, being depressed for a long time, being alone, always talking hopelessly, giving up eating and drinking, sabotaging or beating, etc.

. Suicidal thoughts, increased nervousness and restlessness, losing hope, becoming completely silent, going into deep depression, talking about killing, becoming violent etc.

Most patients can be treated at home

Dr. Om Prakash says that after corona, the number of patients of common diseases has increased the most. However, it is a matter of relief that they can be treated at home. Mild patients of mental illnesses are provided with a better environment and environment at home and if they are supported and counseled by their family members, better results will come out. A large number of people who went into depression after Kovid have also recovered at home. To entertain the mind of such people, adopt their favorite things and procedures, take them out. Inspire them to do whatever they want to do. Give them good food and take care, then they can get well soon.

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