World Post Day 2021 Know why people are getting disillusioned with the postal department in the changing times Jagran Special

Shivcharan Chauhan. World Post Day 2021 The world is celebrating World Post Day today. Its objective is to spread information about the Department of Posts among the customers, to make them aware and to create coordination among the post offices. It was started in 1969 in Tokyo, Japan. Today the utility of post is not limited to letters only, but today essential services like banking, insurance, investment are also being available to the common man through post. India was the first Asian country to become a member of the Universal Postal Union. It was established as a department in India on October 1, 1854 during the reign of Lord Dalhousie. The Indian Postal Department has assets worth billions of rupees. It is the largest network in the world. Australia and America do not even have such a big network. Still the Indian Postal Department is in loss.

The question is, will India Post i.e. Indian Postal Department be submerged now? In fact, at this time, the postal department with a loss of crores of rupees for the Government of India has become a cause of economic crisis. The audit report of 2019-20 shows that in 1995, the postal department had to bear a loss of Rs. This loss has increased to Rs 6,000 crore in 2016, Rs 8,000 crore in 2018 and now it has increased to more than Rs 15,000 crore. People are believed to be disillusioned with the postal department due to the popularization of new means of communication like Internet, Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and courier services.

At the behest of the officials of the Department of Posts, the Central Government made it a Postal Payment Bank to overcome the losses, but it did not bring any benefit. Air India has found a buyer, but no company is ready to take the postal department. Some courier companies have shown interest in buying speed post, but the government wants to give the entire department to the private sector.

If seen, in the history of human civilization, ever since man learned to read and write, the process of writing books has been going on since then. When the kings had arranged for harkars to deliver their messages, the British laid the systematic foundation of the post office in India by opening the first post office in Mumbai. Even before BC, there was a system of carrying mail in India. The runners used to carry mail by camels and horses, while pigeons used to work as postal carriers during the time of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya. These pigeons used to deliver only royal mail. Before the Harkars, barbers and Brahmins in India used to do the work of conveying the message of their jajmans.

After independence, the Government of India had announced in the Parliament that it would lay such a large network of post offices in the whole country that no village, town, city from Kashmir to Kanyakumari would be without a post office, but still half of India’s Most of the villages are deprived of post offices. According to the latest figures, 52 percent of the country’s population is still untouched by postal services. The postal department has four lakh 33 thousand employees. Of these, three lakh employees are temporary. At the same time, when the post offices were reorganized, the officers of the postal department had adopted the ideal of Aharnish Sevamahe i.e. night and day service, but today this motto seems to have been forgotten by the postal department. Once the postal department was called Harishchandra for honesty, but after 1980, the series of irregularities and scams started increasing day by day.

Looking at the annual report of the Department of Posts, it is found that this department was in profit in 1977-78, but went into loss in 1979-80 and is running in loss till date. Posts, Telegraph and Telephone were once a single department, but from January 1985, the Telephone Department was separated from it. Many employees believe that there have been some big officials responsible for the poor condition of the postal department, who committed big scams and caused losses in the postal department. At the same time, more than 90 percent of its income is spent in distributing salary and pension to its employees. The cost of printing a post card is Rs 12.15, whereas this post card is sold for only 50 paise. Similarly, the government has to bear huge losses in the sale of inland paper. Experts believe that there are more than 812 Head Post Offices across the country. A very large army of officers sits in them, who only take salary and do not help in increasing the work from village to house. The delivery of normal mail, except speed post, registered post, has almost stopped now. Apart from this, postmen also do not deliver newspapers and books to their homes. Due to these reasons the loss of postal department has increased. People are becoming disillusioned with the postal department due to the popularity of new means of communication like Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and courier services.

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