World Sight Day 2021: Excessive Use Of Laptop, Phone Can Ruin Eyesight, Follow These 8 Rules Today

Practicing these preventative measures can help protect your eyes from the potential side effects of increased screen time:

1. An anti-reflective coating glass should be used during prolonged use of digital equipment.

2. One should practice blinking frequently, conscious effort should be made to keep the eyes clean and lubricated.

3. Rest your eyes and take frequent breaks to relax the eye muscles.

4. To avoid stress, always adjust the brightness of the digital screen according to the electricity around you.

5. Exercise with the 20:20:20 rule, that is, every 20 minutes you have to look at an object 20 feet away from the screen for 20 seconds.

6. Sit at an arm’s distance from the screen and keep it below eye level.

7. Last but certainly not least get regular eye check-ups done so that the condition of the eye can be monitored before the condition worsens.


Sight Day 2021: Excessive use of digital devices can put digital strain on the eyes

Practicing healthy eye habits like reducing screen time especially before sleeping can reduce eye pressure to some extent. Usually the screen is back-lit by blue light which can disturb your sleep cycle.

Your eyes are an important organ that should not be taken lightly. About 80% of what you experience comes through your vision and hence it is extremely important to protect your eyes before it is too late.

(Dr Vineet Sehgal is Senior Consultant at Sharp Sight Eye Hospital)

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