World sight day: Eye problems increased during the Corona period, keep this in mind World sight day: Eye problems increased during the Corona period, keep this in mind

World sight day: Eye problems increased during the Corona period, keep this in mind

eye care essential

Today is World Sight Day. Eye problems have increased a lot during the Corona period. Due to online studies, online work, more time is being spent on the screen. This has increased the risk to the eyes. Doctors say that all people should have their eyes checked regularly. Any serious problem can be controlled with timely treatment.

Dr AK Grover, chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, says that if there is any minor problem in the eyes, then one should immediately contact the doctor, but if you keep your eyes in the same way from time to time. If you keep checking up, then you can avoid any problem in future. There are many reasons why regular eye check-ups are not necessary. We are seeing that many cases come, in which the case is very spoiled and the reason behind it is the negligence of the patient. That’s why it is important to have regular eye exams.

patients increased in corona period

Dr. Grover said that eye patients have increased in the era of Corona. The reason for this was that during Corona, people were confined in their homes for a long time. Elders have to do their office work from home, while children’s classes were also going on online. Everything was happening on screen. This has led to symptoms of weakness and reduced vision in the eyes. Dr. Anita Sethi of Fortis Hospital told that the waves emanating from laptop and mobile screens are affecting the eyes badly. Especially those who work on the computer all day long, they are facing this problem. In this, there is pain in the eyes and head, the eyes become dry.

Dr. Vijay Pratap of GTB Hospital said that whether it is online classes or office work, due to this problems like eye strain, increase in the number of glasses are happening. These days, myopia means minus numbers of glasses are being seen in school children. In this, the distant vision of the child becomes blurred. Since most of the children are not coming out yet, they do not even know about it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to look into the problems of the children. If there is a problem, then get treatment immediately, because delay in treatment can aggravate the disease.

Interesting facts about eyes
The weight of a human eye is approximately 8 grams. It is surprising that a person blinks 11,500 times in a day. In clear weather, the eye can see more than 30 kilometers away. The eyes are active for 24 hours as compared to other parts of the body. The eyes are the most complex after the brain. It is made up of two million different elements.

How to take care of eyes
Looking at electronic things (smart phones, laptops) for 10-12 hours is causing damage to the eyes. Take breaks in between work.
Do not increase the brightness of the phone or laptop too much
Eyedrops can be used if there is more trouble.
If there is burning or pain in the eyes, then you can wear sunglasses while going out.

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